– MARCH 19 and 21, 2010 –

Mai-Lan Broekman, Hendrik Broekman, continuo

Watch a video excerpt from Henning's Op. 92 taken at our performance

Composer Karl Henning's The Passion According to St John, Op. 92 has been called "outstanding", "a fantastic achievement", "worthy of a much, much greater hearing". Sine Nomine gives the local premiere of this work, created for St. Paul's Episcopal Cathedral in Boston in 2008. The program will also feature J. S. Bach's motet, Jesu meine Freude.

Karl Henning holds a B.Mus. with double major in composition and clarinet performance from the College of Wooster (Ohio); a M.A. in composition from the University of Virginia (Charlottesville); and a Ph.D. in composition from the University of Buffalo, where he studied with Charles Wuorinen and Louis Andriessen. His music has been played and sung on three continents (North America, Europe and Australia). Karl recently completed a suite for cello ensemble, It’s all in your head (not that that’s a bad place for everything to be), and Lunar Glare for clarinet and harpsichord. Current projects include a full evening’s ballet based on Dostoyevsky’s novella White Nights; and Discreet Erasures, something of a concerto for orchestra.

Karl’s former teacher Charles Wuorinen once remarked, “How can there be an ‘avant-garde’ in music, when the revolution-before-last said ‘anything goes’?” In a musical environment where a composer can in effect do anything, because nothing that a composer might do could any longer be considered scandalous to music — in this accommodating environment, Karl writes as he pleases, and only takes care that he does so to the best of his ability. There is one limitation to which Karl, a clarinetist who continues to perform, happily consents: he prefers to write for non-electric instruments, and prefers that singers be electrified only by the music (though he thinks that there are real possibilities for bagpipes modulated by an auto-tuner).

Listen to samples from Passion:
Karl Henning / The Passion According to St John, Op. 92 (excerpt)
J. S. Bach / BVW 227 IX. Gute nacht, o Wesen

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