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– DECEMBER 14 &15, 2013 –
Scenes from the Nativity

For the first concert in its twentieth-anniversary season, Sine Nomine visits one of the most famous scenes of all time—the Nativity. The group first sets the stage by way of medieval plainchant, Renaissance polyphony and twentieth-century minimalist music written for Advent, the preceding season of anticipation and expectation.

In the second half, this growing restiveness gives way at last to elation at the birth: each of Poulenc’s beautiful Quatre motets pour le temps de Noël is paired with an earlier setting of the same text by the likes of Byrd, Palestrina and Victoria. We start with the triumphant announcement, “Hodie Christus natus est,” then dwell at the Christmas scene as the shepherds and wise men visit, before closing the concert with two much-loved settings of “O magnum mysterium.”.


– Saturday, December 14, 2013 7:30pm –
Saint Martin's Episcopal Church
50 Orchard Avenue, Providence, RI

– Sunday, December 15, 2013 3:00pm –
Grace Episcopal Church,
133 School St, New Bedford, MA

Please help us give Joe a warm welcome as we celebrate our 20th season!
Treat yourself to the beautiful sounds of choral music, and top the evening off by staying to enjoy some tasty morsels and the company of friends.


Sounds of the Settlers
MAY 17 & 18, 2014

Recreating the sounds of history.

History books can tell us a lot about the founding of modern America, but there are some things they can’t do. Sine Nomine sets out to explore a question that is rarely asked: What did this world sound like? What sounds were in the air that the early Pilgrims and Puritans breathed?

Sine Nomine presents some of the earliest music written in America during this period, some music that crossed the Atlantic with the settlers, and some music that they chose to leave behind. With new scholarly reconstructions by Joseph Fort, the group recreates the sounds of the famous Bay Psalm Book, demonstrates ways of singing that fell from favor in the eighteenth century, and performs a psalm in the Massachusett language, as the Puritans often attempted to do. The rest of the program ranges from the sacred settings of Byrd and Tomkins to the (almost) profane, popular ditties by Ravenscroft.

The program is capped with the world premiere of Joel Rust's Meditation —setting a text by Edward Taylor, a seventeenth-century Massachusetts pastor, and commissioned to mark Sine Nomine’s twentieth anniversary.

– Saturday, May 17, 2014 7:30pm–
Saint Pius V Catholic Church
55 Elmhurst Avenue, Providence, RI

– Sunday, May 18, 2014 3:00pm –
Dartmouth High School
555 Bakerville Road, South Dartmouth, MA
Free concert at Dartmouth High School, proudly sponsored by the Dartmouth 350th Committee.
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Reinventing early music.
John Verkuilen, Artistic Director

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