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"The resulting sound... is at times breathtaking and often overwhelming, ranging from hushed whispers to large emotional peaks. It is a concert that should not be missed."

The Sentinel concert review, Jan. 2016 - PDF
"...crunchy harmonies built in intensity, drifted off, and then vanished..."
"beautifully performed."

All photographs courtesy of Lawrence Sample

"In Your Wildest Dreams"
Grace Episcopal Church, New Bedford, MA, January 15, 2016


"Rachmaninoff Vespers"
St. Lawrence Martyr New Bedford, MA, May 15, 2015
Sine Nomine was joined by 14 guest singers for Joe Fort's farewell concert.

Grace Episcopal Church New Bedford, MA, January 18, 2015


"Sounds of the Settlers"
St. Pius V Providence, RI, May 17, 2014



"Saint Hildegard"
St. Pius V Providence, RI, November 10, 2012


Sine Nomine choral ensemble
Reinventing early music.
Michael Galeb, Artistic Director

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