If you wish to be informed when we schedule our next auditions, please send an email, including your voice part and a brief summary of your choral/vocal experience to: membership@sinenominechoir.org

Michael Galib, artistic director

 Lisa Babbitt, Jim Bean, Tom Cardea, 

Deb Caster, Jen Charleson, Roger Gauthier, 

Mallory Leonard, Ellen Minor, Louise Morrish, 

Claire Rosenbaum, Chris Ross, Dale Stetson,

Brian R. Swann, Geoffrey Taylor, Eva Toma,

Betty Watson, Christine Watt, Phillip S. Wheelock Jr.


Board of Directors:

Tom Cardea, President

Brian Swann, Treasurer

Dale Stetson, Secretary

Jim Bean, Jen Charleson, Steve McCloy, Chris Ross